Rittal Enclosures

  • Enclosure Systems for Climate Control:

    Cooling Units, Heat Exchangers, Fans, Heaters, Thermostats.

  • Industrial Enclosures:

    Small , Compact, Large , Console Systems, PC Enclosure Systems,
    Industrial Workstations, Command Panel Systems . Stainless Steel,
    EX Enclosures, EMC Enclosures

  • Power Distribution:

    Ri4 Power, Busbar Systems and Enclosures

  • Network Enclosures

    Server Racks

Din Modular Protection Products

  • ITemPower2'Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) 800A-6300A.

    The ultimate in compactness and operational capability with shortcircuit withstand rating for all ACBs lcw, 1 sec=Ics

  • 'TemBreak2' & Tembreak MCCBs, 16A - 1600A

    The ultimate safety breaker with safety lock for plug-in versions, superior temperature performance & coloured indicators to display the ON/OFF status.

  • Modular ELCBs, MCBs, Isolators & Contactors.

    Final distribution products from 0.5A-100A for use in final distribution circuits in Industrial .Commercial & residential buildings.

  • ‘TemTransfer’ Automatic Changeover Controller.

    Designed to monitor the two incoming AC mains supply and control the switching of two MCCBs according to preprogrammed parameters and issue command for changeover.

Weatherproof isolators

  • Weatherproof Isolators

    AG Series Isolators from 25A-200A. D Series Isolators from 25A-240A.

  • Motor Protective Switches

    EM Series, on-off switches. MN Series, cam switches with thermal overload and under voltage release.

  • Maintenance Switches

    An enclosed main switch with emergency OFF function for an individual electrical load circuit.

  • Plugs & Sockets

    CEE Plugs & Sockets (splash and waterproof).
    Disconnectable & interlockable sockets.

DK Cable Junction Boxes

  • DK Cable Junction Boxes

    Thermo plastic material. Weather proof, Degree of protection : Available in IP 55/IP65/IP67 .

  • KV Small Type Distribution Boards

    User friendly design Thermo plastic material. Degree of protection :IP54/IP65

  • FK Fire Resistant Boxes with Functional Integrity

    IP65/IP66 according to IEC 60 998-2-5, tested for functional integrity in the event of fire.

  • Enystar & Mi Modular, Combinable Distribution Boards

    Polycarbonate, weatherproof, degree of protection IP65, protection class II.

Remote controlled & Automatic changeover switches

  • Energy Management Devices

    Measuring, managing, analysing, monitoring, protecting and supervising are the primary functions of the products under this category.

  • Load Break Switches

    SircoM &MV load break switches 16-160 A

  • Changeover Switches

    Como, Sirco VM & Sircover range of Manual Changeover Switches -25A-3200 A. ATyS range of Automatic changeover switches from 63A-3200 A

  • Fuse Combination Switches

    Switching & protection achieved through highly reliable fuse technology. Range 20A-1250A.

Modular devices

  • Modular Protection Devices

    Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) Residual Current Circuit Breakers RCCBs with Over Current Protection Isolators

  • Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)

    16 A to 1250 A in 3 pole / 4 pole versions with breaking capacity up to 70kA. Micro-controller based intelligent and communication capable protection units. KEMA certified.

  • Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs)

    U-POWER offers complete range from 400A to 6300A in 4 optimized frame sizes, 3 & 4 Pole with options of 50%, 100% & 200% Neutral, as manually & electrically operated in both draw-out & fixed versions.

  • Contactors

    Ratings: 9A to 550A. Available in 6 frame sizes and 19 current ratings

    Thermal Overload relays

    Ratings: 0.20A to 570A

Time switches

  • Programmable Time Switch (Electromechanical)

    Analog time switch which can be programmed in daily and weekly mode.Models available with or without battery reserve.

  • Programmable Time Switch (Digital)

    Digital time switch for daily, weeklyS daily+weekly programming, 1,2 & 4 channel versions. Power reserve options of 3/5 years on different models.

  • Light Sensitive Programmer Switch

    Versions with daily/ weekly programming options to switch lights when lighting falls below certain set lux levels. Functional lighting level from 50 lux-2000lux.

  • Compact Light Switch

    IP55 for outside installation. Fitted with 2 cable clamps and 1 earth terminal. Simplified lighting level adjustment.

Energy metres

  • Simple standalone residential meters(Direct Connections, electronic 1 ph/3ph)

    Designed to make management of energy consumption and metering information easier and more efficient.

  • Residential Meters with communication options

    3ph electronic metres with flexible remote communication due to the exchangeable communication modules without breaking approval seal.

  • Commercial &lndustrial meters

    3ph electronic metres with Comprehensive metering and memory options, high precision and a secure investment for mid-sized and large industrial applications.

  • Electromechanical Meters with long life expectancy

    Easy installation,set-up, reliable operation, communication and care-free maintenance. Direct reading-1/3ph, CT operated - 3ph.

Copper busbars

  • Extruded Copper Products: Copper Busbar, high conductivity, tin plated.

    • Copper used in Maskal busbars is CDA 110 (BS 2874 C102) standard which means it contains minimum of 99.9% pure Copper.
    • Excellent corrosion resistance of purity of copper is an advantage when used as an electrical conducting material.
    • The copper bus bars are tin plated to a thickness of around 10 microns, which increases efficiency of joints and delays oxidation of busbars in hostile environments and high temperatures.

Copper cables

  • Copper Cables: Low Voltage, Flexible, PVC, Single Core. 0.75 sq.mm to 120 sq.mm

    • Single core PVC insulated flexible copper cables
    • Standards : VDE281 , CENELEC, HD.21.3, BS 6004
    • Max operating temperature : + 105 degree C. to BS 6231 Standard
    • Conductor: CENELEC HD 383
    • Insulation : PVC , CENELEC HD 21.1 S3TI3
    • Available in different colors.

Time Switches

  • Analog DIN-rail time switches
    - Daily and/or weekly program
    - Quartz Applications
    - Advertising signs
    - Street lighting

  • Photoelectric switches
    - Shop lighting
    - Car parking lighting
    - Shutters control
    - Advertising signs

  • Digital din-rail time switches
    - Daily and weekly program
    - 50 Memory spaces
    - automatic summertime/wintertime changeover

  • Analog din-rail time switches
    - Machinery Control
    - Heating Systems control
    - Devices Motors and Pump Controls

Measuring instruments (analog)

  • Measuring Instruments

    Voltmeter (90°) Analog & Digital, Ammeter (90°) Analog & Digital,
    Hour Meter, Frequency meters Wattmeters and Varmeters

  • Low Voltage Current Transformers

    CTs with casing made of ABS-VO resin.Various Primary current rating options from 1A-5000A Secondary current rating 5A as standard( other secondary rating available on request)

  • LCD Multi-function Meter

    Network analyzers and multimeters with LCD display for quick and accurate reading.


  • Capacitors for power factor regulation, low voltage

  • Terminal Blocks

    Feed through
    Disconnect (knife and Sliding) Fuse Holder,
    Universal Test Block.

  • Industrial Push Buttons, LED Indicators, Push Button Stations, Appliance Switches, Miniature Switches, Wire Harnesses, HRC Fuses

Al Ghandi General Trading Co. LLC (AGGTC), established in 1976 is one of the leading distributors in the UAE, for internationally renowned European and other brands in the low voltage electrical distribution industry. AGGTC has been supplying high quality products to various sectors such as utility companies, residential & commercial towers, hospitals, educational institutions, banks, airports, sea ports, defence projects, and oil & gas companies.

Al Ghandi Switchgears Industry (AGSI) established in 1985 is one of the leading manufacturers in the UAE, of low voltage switchgear products. AGSI specializes in the design, manufacture and testing of Switchgear products for a variety of applications. The products are designed to meet the stringent specifications of international consultants incorporate components of highest quality, and comply with international standards. Switchgear equipment supplied by AGSI have been performing reliably, for many years, in various installations in the UAE.