Energy Meters

Technical Characteristics: 

Obtaining the highest level of energy efficiency has never been easier. Landis+Gyr have translated our unique expertise of utility processes into an integrated energy management solution, Gridstream. Landis+Gyr can help you streamline your processes, increase customer loyally and secure revenue. Gridstream packages our AMM offenng. meeting your needs today and in the future. Whether electricity, water, heat/cold, gas metering or load management, Landis+Gyr provide what you need to ensure that your energy is managed with increased precision and reliability.


Model - E230


Simple standalone residentialmeters (Direct Connections)3 Ph E230 Replacement for Electromechanical meters. Can Measure Active energyonly or Combi (Active andReactive energy). Large operating Display. Fulfills accuracy IEC Class1 and IEC Class 2.5 - 125 A (Brass terminals) or 5 - 100 A (Steel terminals). LP (Load Profiling) andbilling periods. Anti-tamper and frauddetection.

Specification Model No.

3 Phase, 5-125A


Model - E350


Residential Meters with communication options E350 meters offer a maximum of flexibility forfuture market requirements. Proven Technology. The device concept combines provenresidential meter platform with successfulmodular approach of residential and industrialmetering. Future Proof.The meter contains a full range of basicmeasurement functions with 6 measurement and upto 6 rates. Available class of accuracy : Class 1and Class 2 complying IEC standards and MID standards.

Specification Model No.

3 Phase, Class 1/2(1 EC)


Model - E650


Commercial & Industrial meters for applicaitons of larger energy consumption points. True C&l meter with class of accuracy ranging from Class 1, Class 0.5 andClass 0.2. Active energy and Reactive energywith various instantaneous parameters.Available in "Plug and Play" modularcommunication and fixed communication. CT VT error correction.Evaluation of threshold value overshootsand undershoots provides for comprehensiveanalysis of data and control of loads. Load profiles for data storage and storedbilling values at end of each month.Load profiles for data storage and stored billing values at end of each month. Instantaneous values of display, phase sequence on display. Alert function

Specification Model No.

Active and Reactive energy, Class 0.2, Modular communication


Active and Reactive energy, Class 0.5, Modular communication


Reactive energy only, Class 1.0, Fixed communication


Model - E650 High Precision Meters


Applications :Grid and highenergy consumption points Measurement system 5 times faster as forindustrial meters give sufficient resolutionfor measurement lower than 15 min (1 minto 5 min) and accurate measurement bychanging energy flows. Landis+Gyr Proven long term stabilityand reliability.Three independent communication channels for different users ( modularcommunication). A high-precision meterfor production and and transmissionapplications , as well as thefacilities of major consumers.

Specification Model No.

3 Phase, Electronic High precision Wall mounting type

ZMQ202C8 f6

3 Phase, Electronic High precision Grid mounting type

ZMQ202C8 f9